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We are always amenable to discussing a client"s project specifications, budgetary considerations, and deadline requirements and to providing estimates based on those parameters, which may vary from the following studio policy.TimeBusiness hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM,Monday through Friday,ProjectsEstimates on any project will be provided on request. each estimate is subject to review after thirty days at which time estimated prices are subject to change. No work is done on speculation. Upon inception of any project, its specifications, including budget and deadlines, will be stipulated and agreed to before any project work begins. Once project work has begun, and unless otherwise stipulated, the client consents to the terms of this studio policy.Any project not completed will be subject to a "kill" fee equal to no less than 20% nor no more that 100% of final costs depending upon the stage of completion at the time of cancellation. It is understood that, unless stated otherwise in writing, the client is purchasing "one-time reproduction rights" for any commissioned project created by Bomb Creative Design / Bomb Creative Production, and that Bomb Creative Design / Bomb Creative Production holds the copyright to all work produced. further, any re-use, more extensive use, or use in additional media or markets, of any project or part thereof created by Bomb creative Design / Bomb Creative Production, will be assessed additional compensation depending on that use. Any transfer of rights is conditional on receipt of full payment. Neither the studio nor any of its representatives is authorized to agree to Work-for-Hire terms. Bomb Creative Design / Bomb Creative Production is not responsible for any production problems arising from subsequent work by non-approved or supporting vendors contracted by the client for the same project.
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